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Thursday, August 3, 2017


This one might not be for everyone.  It is one that involves certain risks as do many other ideas out there today.

If you have young children that might be exposed to a boarder or roommate, there are risks.  Also, there may be extra insurance costs and government regulations that are involved, but it might work for you.

If you have a spare bedroom, you may wish to consider having a roommate to share expenses. Or, you may even go so far as to have a room that you rent out on a consistent basis with a written agreement regarding what is and what is not included in the room fee.

When you get together with a typical roommate, you may split the costs right down the center.  Both pay half the rent and half of all utilities.

Do you cook together?   Does one roommate do all the cooking? Who does what chore around the house? 

In the case of a roommate, it might be best if the house or apartment and all utilities are in just one name.  If only one of the two roommates is signed on these agreements, if there is a parting of the ways, the party who is not on the agreement is the one to move out. 

You have to be careful when you chose a roommate.  Our daughter shared an apartment with five other people.  Everything was fine until a new roommate moved it.  This roommate was an energy hog.  She ran the power bill way up due to carelessness and lack of concern for the others.

Does one or both have children?  Are there any pets involved?

If you like, you could take in boarders.  People rent a room that includes all utilities.  You price the room rent high enough to allow for someone who does not conserve electricity, water, or other utilities.

You may even consider turning your home into an actual bed and breakfast. You could have several rooms for rent.  All utilities and amenities are included in the room fee as well as one or more meals per day.
There are services like AirBnB that allow potential landlords or hosts to link up with paying customers. 

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