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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Direct Sales

One way of earning a little side income, which could actually replace your main income, is direct sales.

Direct sales is selling things like Avon, Mary Kay, Tupperware, Home Interior, etc.

Often the cost to become a sales representative is minimal.  The rep buys the kit and they are ready.  Usually the kit contains a small collection of brochures along with a few samples.  There are also numerous brochures to help you get started, in most cases.

The new representative then visits everyone they know to let them know they are in this new business.  As soon as the person can, they will want to invest in more sales brochures, business cards, and magnetic door signs for their car.

Suzanne and I were sales representatives for Avon for a while.  We did very well and then
the company changed the way they did business.  They got away from what had been a successful product mix to get into home items like table decorations and into clothing.

That would not have been so bad, but they had a terrible time with inventory.  They were often out of basic merchandise for a long time. 

If they can get back to the old tried and true product mix and keep those items in stock, Avon is a very good business to be in.

Companies like Tupperware generally sell through a party plan.  Representatives find hostesses who will host a party at their homes.  If the hostess sells enough products, she qualifies for free gifts.

The dealer tries to book more parties from the party guests.  It really is a win-win situation.

There are other well-established direct sales companies.  Mary Kay is a very big name in the direct sales world.  We have no experience with Mary Kay, but many people do very well with it.  Perhaps you can think of others.

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