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Thursday, June 8, 2017

Book Review: Think Smart Not Hard

Think Smart Not Hard offers readers 52 steps towards improving their lives.  The author, Roy Huff, introduces readers to different ideas that may help them streamline their lives.

This book is well-written and interesting.  Much of the advice is common sense.  As most of us know, common sense is no longer common. 

Roy Huff gives his readers some real world examples from his life of how he wasted some time and effort and found ways to avoid wasting time and effort in the future.

Think Smart Not Hard offers readers some real world, practical advice.  Most readers will benefit greatly from having read the book.

The advice in Think Smart Not Hard is only helpful if the reader takes action on it.  For instance, you can read all the diet books in the world, but you won’t actually lose weight until you act upon what you have learned.

The author sent us a pre-production version of Think Smart Not Hard so that we might review it.  This pre-production version had no charts or illustrations so we cannot comment on his use of those. However, the book stands well on its own without charts, graphs, or illustrations.

We give the book Think Smart Not Hard all five stars.  We think it is a good read and offers some good advice.  If you are trying to get your life’s wheels back on the tracks, reading this book, and taking action, might help you accomplish that goal. 

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