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Thursday, July 6, 2017


Almost every teenage girl in America has been asked to babysit at one time or another in her life.

Back when David was about eleven, his sister and her friend Barbara had the local babysitting business sewn up.  People would call one of them and, if she was busy, she would suggest the other one.

If both were busy, they would suggest other girls in the area.  New Year’s Eve 1973, every girl within one hundred miles, or so it would seem, was already booked.  David’s mother approached him and told him he would be babysitting for a little boy, a toddler.

David babysat for the boy that evening and entered a new way to make a little money.  David babysat one more time for the little boy.  Then, David’s family moved to Iva, South Carolina.  He and his sister did not get into babysitting in Iva.

Babysitting, even for adults, is a great way to earn a little side money.  It can be done either at your house or at the customer’s house.  There are advantages and disadvantages either way. 

Once, when David was a little younger, his parents had to take a trip.  They hired a lady to babysit for about two weeks.  She stayed at their house.  She did the cooking, cleaning, and also entertained the kids.

She was a retired, widow lady who actually cooked better than David’s mom, but don’t tell her he said that.

There are other related things like pet sitting, house sitting, business sitting, and even motel sitting.  Each one of these may bring in a little side money temporarily.

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