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Monday, July 24, 2017

A Biblical Challenge

Okay, folks.  I have a little challenge for you. I have two Biblical questions for our readers.  You can respond in the comments below or via email.  Or, you can simply challenge yourself to exercise your Bible knowledge.

The first question is:

Where in the Bible, scripture reference, does it specifically say that God changed Saul’s name to Paul, and why? This is something that they teach us in Sunday School from day one.  This means that it should be easy to find, but is it?

The second question is:

What are the names of the mothers of the children of Israel?  Again, this is one of those things we are taught in Sunday School when we are knee high to a toady frog.  So, can you find where the mothers are named and what their names are?

This is just meant to jog your mind back to the days of early Sunday School.  This is not a gotcha.  

You can answer in the comments box below or via email.  Have fun and good hunting.

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