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Thursday, July 12, 2018

Starsprairie Egg Cooker Poached Hard Boiled Soft Silicone Egg Maker without Shell For Microwave Stovetop Egg Cooker Pack of 6 (3 Green + 3 Red) ASIN: B07C2NS4NC

What a great idea.  These little egg cookers make boiling eggs so much easier, once you get the knack.

We all like our eggs a little bit differently.  Some, like our youngest daughter, may want their eggs super hard boiled.  Others might like theirs very runny.

The thing to do is get you a little cooking spray, like Pam, spray the inside of the cooker, and follow the included directions the first time.

After that, you will want to add or subtract time so that you can get your eggs exactly the way you want them. Remember, while using this trial and error to always use the same pot and always use plenty of water.

What we like about these egg cookers is you don’t have to peel the eggs when you are done.  Simply spray the cooker, crack the egg, and pour it in the cooker.  Once it is done, you might need to use a spoon to coax it out of the cooker, but other than that, no fuss.

You will love these little cookers.  They are colorful and fun. They make a great gift.  Experimenting to get the eggs to the consistency you want is a lot of fun, too.

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