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Saturday, July 21, 2018

Don't Kill This Child by Andrew Robert ISBN: 978-1-5049-1966-1

We always hate to lower the rating of a Christian book.  In this case, we feel we have to lower it because of some problems we found.  We feel that God does not need our help. By this we mean that what He inspired the Biblical writers to write is exactly what He meant.  

In the book Don't Kill This Child by Andrew Robert, the author feels the need to report something as scriptural that is not.  On page 29, the author reports that God said to Saul “The real name I have for you is not what you bear, because in my divine record your name is Paul.” This never happened. Acts 13:9 is the closest we come to this. The first part of this verse reads, “Then Saul, who was also called Paul” in the NIV. This is kind of like saying “Robert, who is also called Bob…”

If we find a part of the book that reports things as being scriptural that clearly are not, how can we trust anything further stated by the author?

The author attempts to make a point via the illustration that God’s plan for us is like an unborn child growing inside of us.  This analogy gets kind of confusing.

Even though this text is hard to wrap one’s head around, Robert does make some good points. It is a worthwhile book, although somewhat confusing.

Three Star Review

We give Don't Kill This Child three stars. We think if the author hadn’t chased so many rabbits that this book would have been a bit easier to follow. The author spent a little too much time discussing his previous book to allow this one time to grow on its own.

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