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Monday, November 26, 2018

Review: The Holy Moly Christmas Story Collection ASIN: B00XV31SW2


The DVD The Holy Moly Christmas Story Collection is a very cute story with simple animations.  The narrator, a child, is the only voice we hear in any discernible language. Everyone else speaks in squeaks and squawks, very much like Charlie Brown’s dog Snoopy does in the Peanuts specials.  

Just like Snoopy, the audience gets the point and understands the frustrations and the joy experienced by the character.

The animation is simple and basic.  This is very much in the old stop action, flat drawing style of days of old.  This, to me, is very refreshing.

The stories are simple and basic.  They are not exactly Biblical in that they do take liberties with the events as told in the Bible.

One thing great about the stories is that, if one watches them closely, they see some pretty funny stuff. Think slapstick comedy.

If a parent were to take time to watch these with the child and discuss the actual Bible story, the liberties should be minimized.

The Holy Moly Christmas Story Collection will make a great Christmas present and also make a good companion to The Holy Moly Christmas Story book (ISBN 978-1506402574).

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