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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Manian Debil Productions Review Policy

Manian Debil Productions Review Policy

We at Manian Debil Productions take product and book reviews seriously.  We feel we have an obligation to our readers/viewers to provide honest reviews on books and other products sent to us for review.

Due to the overwhelming number of books and products sent to us for review, we cannot promise a deadline for reviewing any product.

We will not guarantee that we will publish a review for any particular book or product.  The federal trade commission bars us from any such promise or guarantee.  

Any review we do publish will be posted on:

McClendon Villa’s Reviews

Reviews by David and Suzanne

As well as Random Thoughts and Observations

In addition to those blogs we may post reviews to our other blogs if the book or other product fits the audience for that blog.

P S Annie!

P. S. Annie! #2

McClendon Villa

McClendon Villa at Blogspot

How to Manage Your Monkey

How to Manage Your Monkey (at WordPress)

Redneck MBA

Normally we will not post a review if we cannot honestly give it at least a three star review.  However, there are times when a product or book is just so bad we feel we need to warn our audience about the product.

If we can give a complete five star rating, we may choose to create a video review to be posted on YouTube and along with the Amazon Review.

From this point forward:

We will not review books that use the Lord’s name in vain.  This means if there is any mention of His name used as an expletive or otherwise to notate a negative statement, we will NOT review the book.

We will NOT review a book or product that contains graphic sexual content.  We will NOT review a book or product that is not within our very conservative Christian Values.  

There have been time we have been sent a product to review that just plain does not work.  We will not post a review of a product failure unless we deem it to be dangerous to our readers to not speak out about said product.

If someone (Author, publicist, publisher, press agent, etc) sends us a book or other product, they understand that we are under no obligation (per the FTC) to post a review.

Please do not send us any material that has images of any scantily clad persons.  This includes, but is not limited to, exposed cleavage, form fitting clothing, or underwear/swimwear.

Most of our posts contain affiliate links.  If you make a purchase after clicking on our links we may receive a commission.

Thank you.  

Suzanne G. and David E. McClendon, Sr.
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