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Thursday, September 14, 2017


Etsy started out as a place where someone who handmade items could sell to people who wanted to have handmade items, but didn’t have the skill, the time, or just plain didn’t want to do it.  However, recently they have allowed items that have been manufactured commercially to be sold via their service.

Sellers pay a small listing fee for each item listed.  When the item sells, the seller pays a small commission on the sale as well.

Many people have made a good deal of money on Etsy.  We have tried it and never made a single sale.  Just like with eBay, YouTube, and blogging, you have to find the right thing to offer to the audience/customers you have.

Suzanne was able to sell a baby crown via her Instagram.  This was just plain luck.  A person saw the hats and scarves Suzanne had made and asked her if she could make a baby crown.  Suzanne made it and the customer was happy.

Maybe Etsy will work for you.  Or maybe you will find another forum from which to sell.  The big thing is finding the right market and then having the best price that the market will bear.

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