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Thursday, September 22, 2016

What We Are Going to Study

What We Are Going to Study

We will be reading from several different books along the way.  It is not required that you read these books, but they are highly recommended to accompany this course.  You do not need to purchase them.  If fact, we whole-heartedly suggest you borrow them from your local public library if they are available through them.

If not, you may wish to borrow them from a friend or buy them used.  Otherwise, you can find them available online at Amazon.com by following the links we have in this document or on our A store at Amazon.

We will study a proper life recipe.  There are many aspects to a good life recipe.  The first step to creating a good life recipe is to develop a strong prayer life and daily Bible reading.

The term life recipe is all about getting things into their proper perspective and keeping it there.  This is not easy and it is not always possible.  There will be times when the forward progress you have made is diminished by one of life’s curves or another.

We have a friend that says she could stop smoking if she could just get rid of all the stress in her life.  The problem is that there will always be stress in one form of another.  The idea is to minimize the stress as much as possible and to deal with it as best you can, with God’s help and the help of your family and friends.

There is an old saying that goes “There is no time like the present”
We will study:
  • ü Prayer life and Bible Study
  • ü Organization (getting home, work, and vehicle organized)
  • ü Personal Finance
  • ü Goal Setting
  • ü Minimalist living (downsizing)
  • ü Budget Meal Plans
  • ü Family Life
  • ü Positive thinking/ Relaxation/NLP
  • ü Time Management

We hope you will stick with us through to the end.

This course is written from a Christian perspective.  If you are a Christian, you will find that you may actually grow in your faith while taking this course.  If you are not a Christian, we hope that this course will get you to thinking about giving your life to Jesus. 
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Please be advised that all the information in this course is provided to educate, enlighten, and broaden your views in life.  The information provided is not a substitute for medical, legal, dietary, financial/accounting, or religious professionals.  Always consult a professional before you act on any of the information you find in this course.  

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